Mobile Web Application Development

The number of people, who use mobile devices to access the internet, are increasing day by day. As this trend continues, the manufactures of mobile phones and communication devise try to advance the technical and functional features and flexibility of their products and services. We offer mobile web application development services (Android & iPhone) for a variety of mobile platforms. Our highly skilled and experienced developers create apps that are suitable for both personal as well as business use – including games and other entertainment apps.

Development Features

To develop user friendly mobile web applications
  • Apps that are easy to use
  • Ensuring that user is informed about the use of personal and device information
  • Provide users a choice of interfaces
  • Enabling auto sign-in
  • Not changing focus when dynamically updating page sections

Designed For Flexibility

To design flexible mobile web application
  • Designing for multiple interaction methods
  • Ensuring text flows
  • Preferring server-side detection, if possible
  • Using client-side detection, if essential
  • Supporting a non-Java Script variant when appropriate
  • Using device classification to simplify the content adaptation

Unbeatable Technology Solutions

To exploit mobile specific features and latest technologies
  • Using proper client-side storage technologies for local data
  • Using the metal viewport element to identify the desired screen size
  • Considering mobile specific technologies for initiating web applications
  • Responsive web solutions
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Packed with Trending features
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