Cross Platform development

Elitemobileapp offers cross platform mobile application development services across a variety of operating systems such as Windows, iPhone, Android etc. The expertise and competence of our developers is aptly demonstrated in the robust apps developed and delivered, which never fail to delight our customers. Working with cross platform frameworks like PhoneGap, we help develop a rich and consistent experience for application users across all known mobile platforms.

Cost Effective Solutions

Cross platform application development is cost effective
  • Ability to make creation of mobile apps very faster
  • Ability to reuse the code developed once, for other projects
  • Ability to avoid assigning new team to create an app for that just one system
  • Ability to reduce development and long term maintenance costs

Cross Platform Technologies

Cross platform development with the latest technologies.
  • Accessibility to the latest tools in cross mobile app development
  • Plugins and other services
  • Ability of the tools to offer links to other similar SPIs, like cameras, location sensors, accelerometers etc.
  • A unique centralized code that will automatically run on all devices

Development advantage

Exclusive cross platform application development advantage
  • Extensive domain expertise
  • Source Code security
  • Bug free web development
  • Hassle free coding
  • Reduce the number of required skills for the development team
  • Used for support for enterprise and cloud services
  • Faster development time

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